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Partners Chapter 6

Tejas Turismo is all about the experience and the relationships, this same mentality is applied to our partnerships with passionate brands which help us make this event possible but more importantly, that share the same vision and love for this event.

Partners are involved in many aspects of the event in order to make the experience the best one possible. Our partners also create lifelong friendships while receiving fantastic physical and digital exposure for their brands.


DriverSource is a leading specialist of the classic European collector market. Our unique concept of sales, service, storage and detailing is tailor-made to the enthusiast automotive lifestyle. ​

DriverSource Website

The Vault

Widely known as one of the Nation’s premier automotive and motorcycle storage facilities, “The Vault” is our high security, climate-controlled environment for a member’s most treasured automotive possessions.

The Vault Website

Collision Plus Inc.

Founded in 1978, we started on the philosophy that "heart power is better than horsepower." Believing that "kind care and fair treatment" was the right and moral way to treat customers, and employees.

Collision Plus Website

Pacto Helmets

Products are made through a carefully crafted and elaborated process, in which there’s only a few people involved, allowing us to keep its beautiful essence alive and share the true sentiment of a golden era.

Pacto Helmets Website

Hagerty Insurance

We began as a niche insurance agency offering coverage for collector cars. We’re now a global automotive enthusiast brand and the world’s largest membership organization for car lovers. All of this is driven by our love for cars.

Hagerty Insurance Website

Victory Motor Co.

Our unique concept promises more than just a meeting point; it's a lifestyle destination. Located near downtown Houston, we offer not just coffee and shared workspace, but also an exclusive merchandise range, storage for automotive and pop culture artifacts, and a museum dedicated to all things vintage.

Victory Website

Dry Ice Detailing

Dry Ice Detailing Pros use a non-abrasive, eco friendly method that safely cleans and removes years of grime and gunk from under your car, engine bays and wheel wells.

Dry Ice Detailing Website

Coffee and Cars

Emerging from a fervent devotion, C&C was established 19 years ago with the objective of connecting like-minded individuals who appreciate exceptional machines of all varieties, as well as the aspiration to exhibit these extraordinary models for admirers across all age groups.

Coffee and Cars Website